Control emissions at the cylinder level, with Zero CO, Zero HC and near zero NO

Alternative solution


Gearing and brakes


The high maintenance cost in a mega-watt wind turbine with gears and brakes, can exceed $300,000 every 7-10 years. It has forced the operators to look for alternative solutions to stabilize its mechanical motion transmitted to electric generators. It is done in today's practice by using pressure accumulators between the wind turbine and its generator.

Pressure accumulators, however, at its best, will waste between 50% and 70% of the turbine power, when pumping air against high pressure. 

The Relative Motion Engine Alternative


The Relative-Motion Engine can hybrid a turbine's mechanical power, through a turbo-charge relation acting on its floating piston, with another hydraulic or combustion power acting on the crank-shaft piston, where the turbo charge efficiency for the feeding turbine exceeds 85% and that is about two to three folds the return of pressure accumulators.


Beside efficiency, the hybrid operation can guarantee required power production at higher or lower wind speed conditions as well as at higher or lower power consumption demand.