Control emissions at the cylinder level, with Zero CO, Zero HC and near zero NO

IP Licensing Packages


Turbo-Charged Engine


While we understand that the market trend is toward a battery operated cars, yet the rest of the market including hybrid fuel-generator arrangement and commercial vehicles, will benefit greatly from enhancing their fuel-per-mile, by at least 100%, and also enhancing recovery return from about 25% to over 70%-80%.

While the Relative Motion Solution can be used for a naturally aspirated engine, for lower cost and less changes applied to existing technologies,

· A Turbo Charged Solution, will need a new design from the ground up, including control software and operation programs. 

· Higher Torque Requirements, can to certain extent be provided by turbo-charge-as needed arrangement, instead of sacrificing horse power or responsiveness.

Conventional Engine Designs, sacrifice more than fifty percent of its fuel economy at a higher vehicle speeds, only to be ready for providing a needed torque when the driving conditions changes. 

Such loss when using a Relative-Motion Engine, can be avoided having the availability of additional forces, ready when needed through the turbo-charge-as-needed special programing.

· Turbo Charge Deployment is also deployed as part of a variable compression of every stroke operation.

Commercial Engines

This Package is intended for commercial and big higher torque engines, Mainly to save on fuel, overcome the challenging hydrocarbon emissions as well as  the slow motion.

Power Plant


This Package is intended for engines used for the purpose of generating electricity, where the engine can be hybrid with a turbo-charge or with a magnetic solenoid arrangement. 

The cost per KW of electricity, is expected to be much lower than today's market cost. 

The expected decrease in transportation and commercial vehicle use of fossil fuel,if the Relative-Motion engines were to be used worldwide, may decrease from 100 million barrels/day to 30 million, and the remainder of gasoline and diesel, may go to produce additional electricity to a greater market share, considering the new lower cost of electricity production because of its much cleaner and environmentally friendly operation.

Racing Engines

Free licensing agreement is available for life for non-passenger, professional racing vehicles