"Time is a form of energy"


Dr. Ibrahim Hanna

Working with postulates

This page is dedicated to introduce energy as a function of time. New concepts and terminology is needed. Methods of closing a system to motion as a function of position, may lead to the mistake of generalizing a special rule


  1. Time accelerates potential energy like force accelerates a mass.
  2. Motion is a function of time, when acceleration is of the power square.
  3. Relativity as a function of time, measures work energy, and means traveling at a different time lapse of a universal acceleration between positions A and B, despite equivalent initial thermal potential.
  4. Acceleration under certain conditions may result in creating a non-particle negative mass (a space void).
  5. Accelerating a Negative mass,  is a source of energy

APS presentation

Time as a form of energy presentation . Copyright 2019


  • As a function of position, Pascal can increase available force (Newton/s) for a loss in metric distance.

  • As a function of time, Pascal can increase available work energy ( Joule/s) for a loss in time lapse distance of acceleration. To have a mechanical design open to time, Relative Motion conditions are to be met. 

APS - April 2019 meeting. Updated May,2019

Time as a form of energy

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